Business Advisory

We offer a combination of consultancy, business modelling and analysis including types of filtration system as well as detailed drawings for bio-secured land-based aquaculture farming. Our experts are ready to work with you after you have committed the project with us.

Engineering Design and Fabrication

Whether you are just buying an aquaculture product or based on a total farm solutions, we can help you to design and fabricate such products to suite your farm requirements. Our team of experienced designers are abled to use the AutoCAD software to start with the concept design and followed with our engineering team to see through to the final product. page. 

Remote Monitoring & Control Systems 

We offer the use of real time water quality remote monitoring system for the recirculation aquaculture systems. Our software allows for the control and setup of any instruments on the network to view data and set early warning options. Such technologies enable you to manage your local or remote farming operations on a real time basis.