Electrical Logic Control Panel (ELCP)

  • Customized logic program for Aquaculture
  • Remotely Access enables for Monitoring and Control
  • Monitoring of Equipment status and water perimeter
  • Control process according to water conditions set points
  • Touch Screen with security access at different level
  • PLC OR Sensors enable

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Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) for fish farming are characterized by an integrated water treatment unit that constantly cleans the effluent water from the fish tanks. Advances in technology allows a very high degree of water re-use; normally in the range of 95-99% compared to water consumption in a flow through system.

Recirculation systems for different species of fish are currently being built all over the world.

However, the multi-tier concept of Cube 2 is unique in its vertical design with independent RAS modules on each level. The production units are customizable to suit a wide range of different species of fishes and shrimps.

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